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TxBONE(Vo/Gt)、沢庵(Vo/Gt)、TAKAYA(Dr) による、3ピース "ネオフォーク" バンド。




SiS(死生) is a Japanese "neo-folk" band comprised of three members: TxBONE(Vo/Gt), Takuan(Vo/Gt), and TAKAYA(Dr). 

While their live performance is characterized by its simple band set of two vocals, acoustic guitar, and drums, the band also incorporates elements of various musical genres such as rock, punk, hardcore, jazz, hip hop, and reggae.

As the band name SiS (死"death" and 生"life") symbolizes, their music, which explores both aggressive and peaceful themes, expresses the darkness and light of life that everyone can relate.

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